Everyone got switched from the $30 plan to the $25 plan except me. Visible overcharged me for months

They refuse to give me a straight answer as to WHEN they started the $25/month program, or WHY I wasn't contacted or switched. I was told "late 2023" when they changed the price. Ok, so I've been overcharged for AT LEAST 7+ months. That's theft. They said they would switch me to the 25$ rate for 1 month. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. My account still shows $30/month plan. Customer service won't permanently switch me to that rate, OR compensate me for the 7+ months I've been overcharged.


They take forever in the chat, and are either not intelligent, insolent, or simply don't understand English. They won't fix this. I've wasted my time talking to too many of these people, and supervisors are AWOL.


Joke of a company.


edit: you can't even use basic descriptive language in posts without the woke censorship filter refusing the post. Again, joke of a company.


The new pricing for the basic Visible plan was changed, and announced, in August of 2023 but managing director of Visible, Jeremy Bolton. I saw the announcement on X.


An agent should be able to change it for you. My account currently shows I am on the $30 plan but I have a $5 valued member discount attached. I can go to my account on my laptop and, select the right arrow for plans and upgrade from the base plan to the base plan and it shows the $25 plan. I just haven't gone through with it since I don't want it messed up. Maybe try this on your account and see if you can upgrade from the $30 base plan to the $25 base plan. make sure when it takes you to the screen for plan you switch the top to monthly and not annual, then just select the base plan and see if it adds and says $25 will be charged on your next billing date.


Also, you will never be compensated for the last 9 or 10 months since it was changed to the new rate. Visible is prepaid and doesn't do refunds. 


Good luck!

So I've been overcharged $5 for 9 months now. That's $45. STOLEN. And they refuse to compensate that. Disgusting company. Way to treat long time customers Visible.

If I try to upgrade, it still shows only the $30 and $45 plans. There is no $25 option.

If you are paying $30 a month for the base plan you need to contact customer service and have them change your billing to the $25 pricing. If they are telling you they will only switch it for one month then they are doing something wrong. There should be no reason they can't change it permanently. I don't work for Visible, I am just another customer like you. If I could I would refund you every dollar but I can't. Visible's is a prepaid service that doesn't give refunds. 


If they can't change your pricing to $25 or you dislike Visible that much there are other carriers out there that will gladly take your money.