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I did a trade in with Visible and ordered an iPhone 11 for my grandson as a surprise, however I found out later that his mother actually bought him a better phone. I contacted Visible and they assured me that I was still able to return the iphone and get a full refund and have the trade in turned back to me. Well that was sadly wrong, I chatted with four different customer service people and I got different answers with each one. Basically I am unable to return the device now so I have a phone I don't need! The worse customer service I have had to deal with and I will be cancelling my service with them.


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Sorry you had this experience. My experience with customer service these days is no better. I came from Verizon Wireless and I spent hours on the phone trying to resolve a problem and between getting different answers, promises, it was all either outright lies or they just wanted to get rid of me.

I don't think companies are investing any money into customer service anymore. Which is sad because things don't work perfectly and sometimes you need someone on the back end to do something to get it to work. <sigh>.

So I avoid customer service like the plague if I can help it. (But can't always help it). Good luck with your future wireless travels!


If I remember the terms of conditions on the visible says mobiles exchanged/ sent to visible will not be returned for whatever reason.

If you cancel your service without activating on visible you risk your phone being bricked/ network locked indefinitely. I had lost a device in the past.


I would recommend to keep the service for the minimum duration for network unlock before cancelling the service if no longer needed. You could use the mobile device on any other network. This is not in violation of any terms of service. Hope this helps.



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