Family member removed from account!!


Family member got Visible last month. + phone. Tried to go onto app to pay first bill.... Couldn't log in!! said login info was wrong, but it wasn't. Started to doubt himself and tried differant password. Got "lockedout". Tried Chat but wait was very long and didn't put him in a Cue. Next day phone turned off!! Still can't get into his account!! Can't pay!! He gets off work and finally connects through live chat. They can't figure out why he can't login. They tell him his account is now overdue. Well DUH! He was told it would have to be "escilated" up and take 12 to 24 hours! But now he has NO phone and STILL NO way to pay! He asks if he can just pay it to restore servce and wait the 12 to 24 hours for fix to get into his account. He's told no!  They can't take any payment nor can they get hi into his account! Can't get in account, account now overdue, won't take any payment. What does he do now? 



Wait the the 12 -24 hours, and then if they don't follow up, reach out to support again.