Gizmo watch?


can’t decide if I’m going to join. 

first off I’m very underwhelmed with the support from visible. No phone number and a Bs chat system. Doesn’t give me confidence. 

but the reason I’m writing. 
mom currently with Verizon and since it operates Visible I’m wondering if we will be able to bring along our sons’ gizmo watches. 

can they be used on visible?


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Verizon owns Visible but is operated as a separate entity. I think Visible only supports the Apple watches. 


Yes, the customer service is all but nonexistent, it is the price we pay for a true unlimited discount plan. If you don't have patience to wait on chat for assistance when a problem arises then this might not be the plan for you. I am willing to put up with it since a single line of service that isn't really unlimited will cost me close to $100 on any of the major carriers which I am not willing to pay that high of a price.

Thanks for the reply. Is the service any good? Do you get throttled? What service did you switch from?


im tired of paying a ton for data. 

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I like the service and I am still on the old plan and waiting to switch to save money. The service seems to be as good as my brothers who are on Verizon. I am in an area where I get 1 to 2 bars inside or out and haven't had a problem with dropped calls yet. I did pick up a signal booster and now have full bars in my living room by the antenna but it is limited to that room though.


Due to me being in a rural area which is not heavily populated the towers are spread out to cover the area. So, yes, my data does slow during peak hours such around mid afternoon when schools let out to early evening. Once in a while I will as low as 1mbps but usually average around 5mbps at this time but later in the evening and morning I will get 10 to 20mbps. For the most part it is plenty fast for me. The throttling or deprioritizing all depends on the usage by Verizon customers and how many towers vs population in your area.


This is my first cell service/carrier so I have nothing to compare it to. Not sure what carriers service this area but Verizon is the main one. I retired last year and never really had a need for a cell phone but decided I should have one when I leave the house. I have been with Visible since the beginning of July last year. The biggest reason I went with Visible is the unlimited data with the idea of dropping my home phone/ISP service which I still haven't done.


Again the bad thing is customer service. The 3 options are chat, Twitter and Facebook messaging. A few weeks ago on chat it was a 45 minute wait for me on a Sunday afternoon and another 30 or so to get a problem fixed with me being able to order a new phone and get a few questions answered. Twitter at that time was over 4 days and no answer. FB messenger was 5 days but last week I had a few more question about the new plans we have to switch to and tried both Twitter and FB again, I think 9 days now and no reply on Twitter and went to FB after a few days and had a reply within 45 minutes and subsequent responses took only a few minutes each, just like being on chat. 


If you decide to switch I just hope you don't have any issues because of the CS delays. Your phone needs to be compatible and there is a checker when you click on the plan you want. Also, if you decide to switch and have an android phone ask for a physical SIM as the eSIM they are having problems with that OS and who know if they will get it fixed. I think the iPhone eSIM they have gotten the bugs worked out but I would still consider a pSIM on those also if you can. Visible offers a free trial period or check out the savings section on these forums and grab someone's code for $20 off your first month and that person gets the same credit for a month. I would give you my code but I am already maxed out on credits. 


Sorry for this being so long. The following link from YouTube might interest you about Visible vs Verizon.

In this video I test whether or not Visible+ has unlimited premium data on 5G Ultra Wideband. I was shocked by the results. Get Visible here - ⬇︎ SHOW MORE ⬇︎ In this video, I test whether or not Visible+ gets unlimited premium data on 5G Ultra Wideband. I start by ...