Gradation of Data Reception?

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I was told by a Visible rep that there are tiers of data reception (and I assume call reception) depending on your plan.

I was on the trial program with Visible and could barely open an email inside of my workplace using Visible's data, but could access emails and videos ok (although, not great) with AT&T.  (This, most likely, is no fault of Visible's own, as the issue is due most likely due to where my desk is located within the building - somewhat near tech servers and such.  I gave the address to the Visible rep and they said there is coverage there.)

Anyway, the rep told me that there are progressive tiers of data reception: Trial --> Visible plan --> Visible+ plan

Quote: "With your current service (trial) you are using a small piece of the Verizon's network. With the new plan, (the new Visible plan) you will be part of the whole 5G nationwide network."

And she explained that with the new Visible+ plan (Ultra Wideband) it would improve upon that.


I am still debating on whether to go with visible or not given this information, despite party pay going up in smoke for newbs like me.  I would like to take advantage of the savings and unlimited data, but if I cannot open an email at work, what good is it? 


The reason why you cannot load the emails is because there is traffic on the towers and visible writes it clearly in the terms that they slow you down if you want to get prioritized data you have to do the $45 plan or you do Verizon postpaid or you do US Mobile which they give you prioritize data



I can say that my wife and I have had Visible for a while now since ATT eventually priced us out. Visible works great for phone calls and regular texts. Our only issues are similar to what you describe. At home or anywhere we are on wifi all is perfect, but inside of any building or business.. data is a 50/50 shot. Try to send texts with a photo inside of a building and the text just hangs or takes a looooooong time to send because it can't send because the data speed is almost zero. Again its a 50/50 shot. Try to send two pics in a single text is near impossible. Try to open a store web page to see a coupon inside of the store... 50/50 if it will happen, again because of the poor data speeds on cellular service inside of a building. But for phone and regular texts and navigation etc, its great. We live about 12 miles north of Orlando and that's what its like all around here in Seminole and Orange counties. Neither of us have 5G phones. iPhone XR and 11. Now I'm only speaking about the legacy plan. I have no idea what the new plans are like. 


Ah okay, I try to answer from my perspective. The signal you get is location dependent also mobile device dependent. The coverage map just says whether your area has coverage or not. That doesn't mean you get peak signals throughout the area.


4G spectrum has more penetration through buildings but low speeds compared to 5G.

5G C-Band spectrum has more penetration through buildings but slower speeds compared to 5G Ultra wideband

5G Ultra wideband spectrum/ mmWave has the least penetration through buildings but fastest mobile data speeds you can ever get in 2022.


I don't think cellular reception is hindered by sitting next to tech servers.


Not all 5G phones have mmWave/ Ultra wideband capability. 4G only phones can only access 4G spectrum even though you live in 5G Ultra Wide.


Visible provides Wi-Fi calling feature, if your work has Wi-Fi you can call, text using Wi-Fi when at work where there is poor reception inside the building.


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