What coverage?


Hi, I've been on Visible for two weeks. I'm here in Louisville KY and my last provider used verizon so I know the coverage in the area, but now my coverage is horrendous! About to quit unless it is a fluke and this area's towers have all fallen down or something. Any advice?

Thanks, Haeja


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Are you on party pay plan or one of the new plans (Visible basic and Visible+)?

If you are in one of the new plans you should have roaming so even if verizon has no coverage you shall be covered from other networks.


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If Verizon has a little coverage thay won't give you roaming they only give you roaming in cintan areas where there is no tower in the whole neighborhood. And who said you get roaming ont the new plans it doesn't say anywhere you get roaming, you'll only gonna get more access to Verizon towers 

I'm on a party plan, but elsewhere it says Visible doesn't offer roaming, so not sure that'll fix it...

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The reason why you don't have good coverage now is because visible doesn't give you the full speed, the speed is capped, also when there is traffic on the towers your gonna be the back of the line (unless you sign up for the new 45 dollar plan)



Same here.  In a solid 5G area (dense part of NJ) as per their coverage map but I am only getting 4G and it's so bad it takes 3 minutes to download a 400KB pdf document.  I will be switching.