Help! Wrong color iphone received in mail - need to return and get correct color!


I've had Visible for years now, minor issues. The CS is sooooo lacking though. I ordered a new iphone, had a problem at check out - CS was giving wrong information, had to redo the order and when I did I forgot to change the color of phone to white. It arrives today, bright yellow. It's my fault - after 2.5 hr chat was told they would send me a return label but didn't get one, then told they can't bc they are awaiting my trade in, which they are only giving me $10 for so I told them to cancel the trade in. I CANNOT DO THAT on their website. I just spent almost $800 and just want the correct color. It is my fault, I admit that; however, they should be able to let me return it (which seems possible) but I can't get a rep to help me!!!! Right now, I'm tempted to switch services and get a free iphone with another carrier! FRUSTRATED!



You'll need to contact an agent, this is just a community forum of other users.