porting from Verizon


Hi, I am trying to port my number from Verizon and having problems. I have gotten a transfer pin from Verizon and provided all the info to Visible. If there is a problem on the Visible end, I should receive an email telling me that (correct?) I have set up the Visible account, I am not sure what I am missing?? 

Also, I received a new sim card from Visible. Does my old number need to ported before I can activate the account and install the new sim? Sorry for all the questions...............I am just so confused! T


Intermediate III

Log in to your account and you should be able to see the status of your port request. However, you cannot port into Visible until you activate the SIM.


See https://www.visible.com/help/how-do-i-transfer-port-my-number-to-visible