Home Network vs Mobile network?


Hi, been a Tracfone user for years. This is 1st time using mobile carrier. i'm confused, do i 'switch' to my home internet network when at home? or i'm always supposed to be on the Visible Network? I've read how some customers say the use their PHONE Hotspot to operate their other devices at home? Thanks for your help? 


That would be your choice whether to use your phones data or your homes network for your phone. There is no cap on how much data you use on Visible like there is with other carriers, it is unlimited. One thing I will point out is in the terms of service Visible's plan should not be used as a replacement for home internet. 


Have only used Tracfone until now so not sure- still and advantage to switching fone to my home internet network/hotel network, etc, when i can? or fine to stay on mobile network when i can? w/Tracfone, you're using up your data, so always try to use home or other network when possible. Got confused when read that some Visible customers use the mobile hotspot to operate their other devices/TV's etc at home! thanks for any help. 

Unlike Tracfone, there's no hard data limit with a slow down to unusable speed or need to refill data..

With Visible, your traffic is always de-prioritized depending on current network conditions (Visible+ gives you 50 GB of premium data before de-prioritization occurs and when on 5G UW no de-prioritization occurs).

When using mobile hotspot data on Visible, speeds are limited to 5 Mbps and detected video streaming is limited to a speed generally suited to 480p resolution (but not all streams are accurately detected). Some phones will also limit the number of simultaneous connections to the hotspot to a single instance.

With Visible determining whether to use mobile data, home internet (wifi) or hotel (wifi) will likely come down to which gives you the better overall performance at a particular point in time since there's not data usage penalty or need to refill data.

In my case, Visible currently serves as a backup mobile hotspot in the event my current home internet provider is experiencing problems, extreme slow downs or outages. Other than that it now serves as my phone and texting option for all intents and purposes but your mileage and requirements may vary. As noted above, it's your choice but in general choose that which provides you the best performance and experience at any particular time.