Hotspot and HUMANS

Novice II

Hi! Very frustrated here…

1) my hotspot hasn’t worked for five days. I’ve been asking for help but get people who don’t know English (which I can work with) and can’t comprehend anything. When I run a diagnostic on my computer it says the DNS failed and the rest cancelled, presumably because of the DNS. Any idea of a solution that doesn’t delete my things? 
2) How the heck (visible days the other is a “bad word”) do I get a call back in less than 48 hours!?!?! These people are worthless! There’s literally no reason for this length of time, especially during an emergency. Legitimately an emergency. I’ve explained why the hotspot is urgently required and begged to get a call. These people I’m with will be homeless because we can’t do what we need to do to stabilize housing, because there’s no internet. So thanks Visible! Great job. 



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On your computer, try to ping 8 dot 8 dot 8 dot 8

If that works, try to ping

If that does not work, set your computer’s DNS to 8 dot 8 dot 8 dot 8 for the primary and 8 dot 8 dot 4 dot 4 for the secondary DNS.

These are Google’s open DNS servers.

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Not sure if this will help but have you changed your hotspots password on your phone and not updated it on the device you are using or check to make sure the passwords match. 

Novice III

The old thing of rebooting the phone and the device? Doing updates on phone and the device? And only use one device on the hotspot? Sorry, not a coder, but sometimes basic things work.