How can I speak with supervisor?


I have spent hours on chat with visible. They opened a case number to look into my dropped calls, lack of Internet and areas, etc. After two weeks they told me it was due to lack of coverage even though their coverage map shows my county as having complete coverage. Any suggestions?


Novice III

I don't know that you will get a supervisor, but in chat, you can request a call and they will call you.  Of course, support from Visible is pretty basic.  I have been dealing with the "unable make calls to Google Fi customers" for a month and was getting nowhere with support (beyond basic troubleshooting, remove the app/reinstall, reset your network settings,remove the SIM/re-insert, etc).  Contacted the FCC and logged a complaint and I got contacted by them in about a day.  Looking to see this issue through and will still likely port out of Visible after being with them for a little over a year.

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You ask them to call you live it's much easier to figure things out that way. May people don't know that chat will call you back if you ask.

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If you have proof that you have contacted several times and have been trying the normal channels to resolve the issue, ask them to send to ERT (executive resolutions team)