How do I suspend my Visible service for a couple months?


I want to suspend my Visible service for a few months until I start traveling again.  How do I do this?  Do I have to cancel the service and then start it up again?  TIA


Intermediate III

Visible doesn't support pause the service for few months and resume.

There are other providers out there who offer to park your number for a small monthly fee.


You could cancel the service and start again if that makes economical sense to you.


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Novice II

Visible is a pre-paid service, so if you stop paying for it, it just goes away. If you want to keep your number you could try porting it over to something like Google Voice (if you are on Android) to save it and port it back if needed.

Another cool thing about GV is that you can still use it wherever you are (on data) so it can be a permanent presence in the US no matter where you are. The only limitation is you have to set it up while you are still here.