Service in Europe?


My husband and I are considering switching to Visible.  One question that I want answered first is:  Is there service in Europe?  We are going on a cruise in a few weeks, and I'd like to know if I can use my phone for texting and data while we're gone.  


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Visible doesn't offer roaming and your regular calls text and data is not gonna work in the Europe. If your phone is wifi calling compatible you could setup Wi-Fi calling while you're in the US and you will still receive your call and text over Wi-Fi while traveling but it only works if you set it up in the US 

When you mention setup Wi-Fi calling in the USA first do you mean just enabling Wi-Fi calling toggle on the iPhone ?

You have to enable it and connect to a Wi-Fi and make sure it works

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An additional option, is if you phone supports Dual Sims, get a temporary service that has international support and use that while traveling.  One of the 'tradeoffs' of the price of Visible's service, they do not have some of the features available to a top tier service.

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