International calling


I am not yet a Visible customer. For the time being, I only need the basic plan without international calling. But, for the future, can I easily switch to the upgraded international plan when/if I travel abroad?


Novice II

I am already a Visible party pay customer, and also use the basic plan EXCEPT when I'm traveling to places other than Canada, Mexico, etc.  What I plan to do when traveling internationally is upgrade to Visible+ for the period of travel, then revert to my basic plan.  In order to upgrade, I read this on the

page:  "Existing members will be required to get a new SIM card to take advantage of all these capabilities. All members, new and existing must update their device software before activating their new Visible or Visible+ plan."

That "new SIM card" can be an embedded SIM (or eSIM), easily downloaded from the compatibility pages, and gives your phone dual SIM capability.  You can then choose which to use, your physical SIM or your eSIM, depending on where or why you're calling.


Recent chats aren't very encouraging about how well that activation process is going, but I've run out of time and am going to give it a try.  Will report back with my results.

Just attempted the upgrade & conversion described above.  I only have one caveat, but it's a big one:

DO THE eSIM CONVERSION FIRST, then upgrade your plan to include international calls. 

Otherwise, the upgrade includes receiving a physical SIM, which needs to be installed before doing any further conversion to eSIM - pure waste of time & money!  I made this (obvious) mistake, got fast help from John on the Customer Chat, and cancelled my upgrade order.  Will proceed with the eSIM first.