Iphone 14 - Tried to warn rep about esim to esim failure.


I tried my best to warn customer service representative about the forums posts and my research about physical sim to esim to esim but it was pretty much brushed aside. And ofcoarse my fears was realized. Now I am on email support awaiting that email which hopefully does not take a week to resolve. Just terrible and awful. I tried so hard to avoid it. Now I am without service for both my old phone and Iphone 14 for who knows how long. 



I am in the same boat. I had an iphone X and i completed the physical sim to esim transfer. it said complete but it wont activate.  so now i have no working service on either phone and can't get visible support at all.

Novice III

I have two iphone14pros that have failed to activate, and the online customer service is always waiting, unable to connect