Transfer eSim to new iPhone

Novice II

What a load of crap, I have been trying to get chat help for almost 12 hours now. Your chat support SUCKS, I get to about 11 in line and it then it times out and I get the pleasure of starting the wait all over again. You knew a new phone was coming out and instead of preparing yourself properly for this you screw over your customers. 

Myself and many others are beyond furious with your terrible customer support. My only day off is wasted because of Visible being the crappiest service on the planet


Novice II

I've had enough of this.  Switching back to Cricket Wireless.  My whole Friday night and experience with my new iPhone 14 has been ruined by the worst wireless carrier imaginable.  No responses from ANY of the online chats.  No response from DMs on Twitter, no response on 'Live Chat' which sits there for hours and then kicks you out, and no response on Facebook Messenger.  No phone number to even get a live agent.  On iPhone 14 release day no less.  Seriously .. have never seen a company that LITERALLY ignores its customers and expects to keep them.  Bye Felicia.

Novice III

Both my two iphone14 pros failed to activate the esim card, contact customer service to wait more than three hours, can't solve the problem, their engineers screwed up