Is Visible/Verizon purposely slowing down connection for customers on OLD plans?


Is it just me or have other Visible customers experience issues with network connections (phone/TXT) using the OLD Plans?    

Ever since Visible introduced their 'new' HIGHER priced plans, it seems the service on the older LESS EXPENSIVE "party pay" plans have been slowly degraded!  Has this been your experience too? 

Is this Verizon's way of pushing long-term customers to PAY MORE for the same services we used to receive on the older plans??



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I am still on the old plan, been with Visible 15 months, and daytime when congestion is at its peak I have always had slow speeds, as low as 1 to 2mbps slow. Although it seems like the last few days it has improved but think that might be a fluke though. Nighttime after around 9 or 10PM my speeds gradually increase and have been as high as 40mbps which may sound slow but plenty fast for me. Verizon has always throttled back these piggyback carriers to give priority to their customers including Visible which is owned by Verizon. Only way to get around the throttling is the higher plan but only for 50GB then you get deprioritized.


One thing I have noticed the last couple nights is that my speeds have not been over 10 to 15mbps. I have also noticed the last couple night when it is late that my hotspot has seems to have been capped at 5mbps and it never was before. I know they are capping it at that speed on the new low plan and limiting to one device, but I guess I never tried 2 devices on this old plan. 

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You're probably in a very congested Visible/Verizon area.


I'm in the NE [close to their NJ server] and the Ookla speed tests ranges from 10 Mbps to 50 Mbps depending on the time of the day.