Is there an option for 'private' support with Visible?

Novice II

When looking for support I see that I can chat with a bot, make a post on twitter, send a message with Facebook or post here on this forum. 

The bot does virtually nothing and I don't use twitter or facebook so this forum appears to be the only way to reach Visible for help or to ask for improvements. Is there another option that I'm missing? 



Intermediate III

Actually this forum is peer to peer and you won't be able to reach customer service here. When on chat type agent or live agent, you may need to do this more than once but it should get you a live person.


On social media platforms you actually send them a DM or PM, you don't need to post on the platform itself to reach them. You don't use either of them so chat is a good way to get them. Do you use reddit? You can visit their page here clisk the little 3 dots in the upper right and click on send message that will also get you a private conversation with them.