Just switched from Verizon to Visible...HELP!


I have a Note10 plus and just switch from Verizon to Visible last night.  I set everything up correctly and my data speeds are almost non existent.  Calls and texting are fine but any videos, downloads or video calls buffer or just do not work.  I followed other users instructions to: Phone on, Take out SIM, Power off,  Wait 60 sec, Put SIM back in and Power on.  This did not work.  I reset my network settings.  This did not work.  I took out the SIM and put my spare Verizon SIM back in and great data speeds.  I have troubleshooted all night and half of today but no changes in speeds and tried different towers.  My download speeds on 2 different servers were .25Mbps and .73Mbps.



I would contact tech support via chat/social media, and they will walk you through some suggested settings. I know, you have done some of these already. I had issues with my speeds, I contacted them, and I was able to double my speeds. 

I called and they did something on their end and told me to power the phone off 30 sec and back on.  My speeds did improve.  Not like I had with Verizon by any means but better than I was getting.  It does go back slower time to time but I can accept it for now.