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Hey Visible community!


We want to continue to give our members more options to pay for their service how they’d like, which is why we are launching our new Annual Plan option. To learn more about our new Annual Plan, keep reading! 


Plan Prices & Details: 

  • Visible Annual Plan: $275/yr (you save $25 compared to purchasing the Visible plan on a monthly basis for 12 months and access one of the lowest rates for a single-line Unlimited plan in the industry)
  • Visible+ Annual Plan: $395/yr (you save $145, a total of 26% savings over the standard cost of a monthly Visible+ plan)
  • Our Annual Plan consists of 12 individual months of service packaged together, and each month’s usage (allotment of international calls, premium data on Visible+, etc.) is independent of other months. 
    • For example, the 50gb of premium data on Visible+ in month 1 is reset when the next month starts, and nothing is carried over to the next month
  • The Annual Plan only covers the phone service plan itself.
    •  If you are on the Visible base plan and have an Apple Watch, or if you have a Visible Protect plan, those will still be charged separately on a monthly basis. 
  • Monthly service discounts do not apply to Annual Plans.
    • You will continue to earn Bring A Friend referral credits while on the Annual Plan. They will go into your referral bank and can be used for future plan purchases. You can apply one referral credit when you purchase or renew your  Annual Plan.  


At this time, only new Visible members are eligible to sign up for our Annual Plan, however, we are working to roll this out to our existing Visible members in May.


For more information about Visible service and our new Annual Plan, click here. If you’re a current Visible member and want to be notified when Annual Plan will be available to you, log into your account and follow the Annual Plan “learn more” banner in your account overview. You can also sign up to be notified directly from this link, but you must first log in with your account to view the page. 



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Just wanted to say - absolutely love the annual plan. I'm one of those people who would rather pay annually and not deal with it more than once a year. This was a huge decision (along with the massive savings) for me and my family to come here from Verizon Wireless. We're having a blast on Visible. Thank you!


Could the referral credits be used on annual plan?

Just another visible user, willing to help others.
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It only allows you to use one for the annual payment. You can bank them when on that plan but only one can be used each year unless they change it.

Why I would even consider signing up for your annual plan when the unlimited hotspot doesn't work on more than one device is beyond me.  This is on a iPhone 15 pro max purchased directly from Visible.  My patience with Visible issues is running very very thin!!!!!

@phoneman2021, what is the issue are you having? I’m into my third day of the 15-day trial with Visible. I have aniPhone 12 and the hotspot works for me although itis slow - 5Mbps down and upload! It’s good enough for what I need it for. I’ll be on a 1,800-mile roadtrip during my 15-day trial and if Visible delivers decent Internet connection/hotspot during that entire trip, I’ll sign up with annual plan…. We’ll see.

The trial is the base plan and the hotspot is limited to 5Mbps speeds. If you join the plus plan is supposed to offer 10Mbps on the hotspot.

Thanks Dean. I just found out that only the hotspot is limited to 5Mbps. I just tried a speedtest on the phone itself and the download is 29.4 Mbps and upload is 39.4 Mbps. Thanks. My dilemma now is hotspot is only for one device at a time. Is there an add-on available for multi-device hotspot?

I have Visible+ and I'm getting 40ms - 11mbps up and 12mbps down - it spikes to 30/30 initially then after 5-10 seconds it'll settle on 12 mbps.

I fully expected this from a MVNO - and confirmed, with Apple devices - only one device can connect to a hotspot at a time. Makes sense. Am I happy about it? Not really - I'd rather have 10GB limited hotspot and unlimited devices.

I never use the hotspot on my phones and my home wifi/ISP stays up with battery backup during power outages, so I'm good but I would have expected the Visible+ to allow it. But this might be a deal breaker for others.

I often travel cross country and I have my iPad always connected, my wife’s iPad is always connected playing Candy Crush, Word games, etc., and I open my laptop to continue working on my book. I need multi-device hotspot. I don’t think I will get used to closing one device to connect the other! We are retired so we need to enjoy our connectio - my wife’s game needs to be connected all the time!

Yeah I wish the one device hotspot thing was more prominent. I just remember seeing: Unlimited Hotspot! over and over.

Do you both have visible? That's at least 2 hotspot devices (1 on each phone) - Laptop on your phone, her iPad to her phone?

My wife and I both have Visible so I at least have 2 hotspots (1 per phone). Not happy about it tho. 😕 But having used other MVNOs - I'm pretty happy with Visible.

Sorry to hear about your situation. 1 device is very limiting. .... Especially today.

According to sub point 2 (bottom of page) - : 

"²Your smartphone becomes a WiFi connection for devices like tablets, laptops, and more. Visible+ includes mobile hotspot with unlimited data at speeds up to 10Mbps, Visible includes mobile hotspot with unlimited data at speeds up to 5Mbps. Video streams in SD. While more than 1 device may be connected to your Hotspot at one time, a single connected device will experience optimal speeds. Performance will be reduced if multiple devices access data through the Hotspot simultaneously. Actual data speed, availability and coverage will vary based on device capabilities, usage, your location and network availability. "

Specifically states that more than one device can be connected at once. I definitely can't connect more than one device to my Visible+ iPhone 15PM. I'll try contacting support to see if it is something they need to do on their end.

I could not get >1 hotspot connection working on my iPhone 15 Pro Max with Visible+. I contacted Visible support and they said I should be able to. I asked them to check everything back end and they said it looked good. However, I could not get >1 device connected (tried multiple devices many times (rebooting, making sure I had settings right, etc).

So someone in the marketing department hasn't updated the other department to allow that I assume.

Just to make sure y'all know it isn't my phone - I dual e-sim a work line and it has no problem hot spotting 3+ devices.

Visible was supposed to have removed the device limit. But, I am not sure if they removed it for the base plan(which is the free trial) or not. They have never really been able to enforce it on Android phones, only iPhones in the past. As for Android you need to go into hotspot settings and change the device limit on hotspot. As for iPhone I have no clue if you have a setting that limits the number of devices or not. Just keep in mind that on the 5Mbps(10Mbps on Plus) is shared so each device added the speeds would get slower on each.


I am on the base plan myself with an Android phone so I have always had multiple devices. To find out if the device limit has been lifted for the base plan you might want to contact customer service and ask since I am not sure. As for iPhone some have reported on Visible's Reddit page they weren't getting multiple device either and I don't know what the fix is. 

Hi Firefox there are two issues. 1 is Visible has failed to fix accessibility issues for those that rely on the screen reader Voiceover built into iPhones.   This is after more then a year of asking and giving them the proper documentation on how to do so. The second issue is despite paying for the $45 plan my best friend can't use the multi device hotspot on her brand new iPhone 15 pro max. I do not recommend Visible to anyone.

Hi phoneman2021. You are right. I just tried to connect my laptop wile my iPad was connected and the laptop can’t connect. Hotspot is limited to only one device. This is not good! Thanks for pointing that out.

@oldman9381we still have phones in our family with Visible.  This is my problem with Visible.  They are offering services then when you go to use them you can't.  That is wrong.  If you offer the services they should be able to be used them.  Visible has a lot of positives.  Let’s go through them. 
1 international calling and texting included in the $45 plan. 
2 Apple watch included
3 unlimited hot spot for unlimited devices when it works which so far it doesn't.

4  if you pay with affirm upgrade after paying 50% of the phone off.  Note you send your previous phone back.

5 refer a someone get $20 off a month.

6 quick to get new devices in and have all the latest devices.

7 pay by the year. 



1 services don't work as expected.

2 Do not follow the  principles of universal design and WCAG standards this has to do with accessibility.

3 I've still seen issues where people are in chat for 3 or 4 hours.  I was in chat for 10 hours the other week.  These issues need cleaned up.  If they were I would bring my own phone service back  to Visible.



Hi - I have always been on Visible+, and just the other day opted into the ANNUAL Visible+ plan and was charged accordingly yesterday. I got an email today saying that I switched my plan to the basic plan, which I did not. The app says I'm still on Visible+. I want to make sure that the actual service I am getting and paid for is the plus plan, not basic.  Did anyone else get this email or have this issue resolved?