Line Assignment Confusion


New user here. I have some confusion about the line settings of primary and business. I only need one, but I see two under the same number. One says Primary and the other says Business. Whats the difference? Can I only have one? Thanks!


Are you referring to eSIM?

My phone I12 phone shows a primary and business line with the same number. My contacts also show as either primary or business. I’m trying to get to one line only.

Did you port your number from a different carrier?

Yes. Verizon

So delete the Verizon eSIM, that's why you see to eSIM with the same number one eSIM is Verizon

My phone (iPhone 14 PM) has two lines as well—Primary and Personal—under the same number.  In “Cellular Data,” Primary is greyed out, Personal is ticked.  I think this might have to do with the second IMEI—IMEI2–I chose during activation.  Correct me, if I’m wrong.

I don’t see any way to delete the old eSim. Only the one currently in use. Seems impossible to get through to the Visible chat people.

Best way to get through to Visible Chat is via FB Messenger or Twitter DM.

No success. Seems impossible to get ahold of anyone via Visible chat or Messenger.

I'm totally confused with the primary line, conversation/ personal/ business line issue. I recently switched from Tmobile to Mint, Mint to Visible. I can't call out if I am on the primary line to my husband or to some of my favorites, the calla just drop, and texts fail. I still have Primary network= UNAVAILBALE, and the 2ns line is Visible. This is RIDICULOUS... HELP


Same here. Ported number is secondary.  Cellular data is a completely different number. Primary number is my original ported number. But does not work. W T F 

Same -- super confusing