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Long time Verizon customer with two phones considering move to Visible.  Questions:

1.  Can I port two phones into a single new billing account with Visible?

2.  What plan is recommended for users who need only talk/text?

3.  Contract needed?



Welcome, I’m a previous Verizon user that moved to Visible last April

1. Each phone line needs a separate account

2. There are 2 plans, at $30 and $45. All taxes and fees included. The $45 plan has more international benefits and priority data. The $30 should be fine for your needs.

3. No contracts. Some rebates require you stay with Visible for x months before getting the rebate, like bring your number.

Visible just moved to a new network configuration which is more directly connected to Verizon’s on August 17. Ping times are much better now

If you need only talk text or a little data I would not recommend visible, visible is made for people that need unlimited if you want talk and text on Verizon network I'll recommend you 'US Mobile' or 'twigby' with US Mobile you can get unlimited talk and text with 1 gig if data for $11.48 after taxes and fees (with the 'pool' plan). If you use lots of data visible is the best option 


Regarding the billing accounts, while each plan will be an individual account based on email address, you can use the same 'card' to pay each account.  They will be billed separately.


If you do not need data, then I would see if there are better plans suited for you, as you will be paying for unlimited data but not using it....

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