Moving data from old Android phone to new Android phone after seup


During setup of new TCL Android phone my data failed to get copied from my old Samsung Galaxy.  How can I get this done now?



I moved everything on my Motorola phone to another Motorola phone using Google chrome. I did this over a month ago so I don't quite remember the procedure and not sure how it would work to transfer between two different brand android phones. I know my new phone prompted me to do this and I think it uses Google cloud to do this transfer. 


If you are referring to photos, videos. You need to move them manually on your own from one device to another.


If you are using Google services, your services would be updated on the new device (Gmail, Calander, Maps history, Search history etc)

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Even though I back my photos up to my SD card I had a few photos that were on my phone besides and they transferred along with all the apps I was using on the old phone. It even transferred my document file which was basically my grocery list. Contacts and even my texts were saved but think that might saved by Visible, not sure on that. I just don't know what will work transferring from one brand device to another brand.