Moving from an android to iphone 14 Max pro on visible


Hi guys,

Need some advice. I want to avail the iphone 14 deal with visible. I do have an android phone with netwok coverage by AT&T (sick and tired of both). When I try to buy this deal with visible, it asks me to choose a number to be included in the esim. My question is how do I keep the original phone number and also take advantage of this deal? I do not see any option here to input my phone number for porting.

Do I buy a new iphone with  a new number (provided by visible) and then try to port my original phone number to this new esim? is that possible

I would appreciate advice in this regard.




Hello there. That is what I was told by the care team. Buy the phone with the new number and switch it on activation. Only problem is you have to wait again to talk to someone. Currently waiting and will be for who knows how long. I'm also switching from and android to iphone 14 from AT&T. Hopefully we both enjoy Visible.

Thanks a lot Dave! I tried to reach out to their online chat but the wait time is forever and then after 20 minutes it get disconnected on it own for some reason. The customer support is not up to the mark at all!

Try doing a chat with a computer without logging in into your account, just provide your name and email address for the rep