Multiple devices connected to hotspot.

So according to all of the terms and conditions of Visible plans both basic and plus… It says:

"While more than 1 device may be connected to your Hotspot at one time, a single connected device will experience optimal speeds"


Affirming that more than one device is allowed to be connected. However this is hard blocked by the carrier. All attempts to Device and do the normal network settings clear etc. fail. Anybody else gotten more than one device to connect on their plan at any time?


What brand of phone? Android phone you need to go in and change the device limit in the hotspot settings. iPhone I don't know what the fix is, contact customer service. Look for the recent threads about it from @firefox he got his fixed in the last couple days.

I'm wondering if it just works now for iPhones.  Especially if your on the plus plan.  

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Read my post from the link below.  I had to bang my computer keyboard for 4 or 5 days (its been a long time already, I can't remember).


I am using an iPhone 14 with iOS 17.5.1. 

I had a nice chat with customer service yesterday. They were very friendly however their solution isn't really a solution… they claim they were issued a bulletin yesterday that the latest 17.5.1 update blocked the functionality of iPhones connecting more than one device… I am chuckling as I'm writing it out because it sounds so ridiculous given the history of this Issue. It's not related to having a plus plan or not. All plans are supposedly able to connect more than one device now. Their solution is to wait for Apple to release the next update…

Not so far fetched of an explanation from a developer's perspective  and the first claim of a specific iOS update I've seen. Those experiencing the issue should verify they're on 17.5.1 otherwise it's just going to drag on with Visible blaming Apple and vice versa. 


I'm Android and unaffected by this issue, but if I were an iPhone user experiencing it I'd verify what iOS version I'm using. If not 17.5.1. and still experincing it, I'd make that clear.