My husband still has no phone


My husband joined your service on November 26 and ordered an Iphone 13 mini. He still has not received his phone. We have tried to find a way to reach customer service and only find an automated chat. I have been a member for more than 2 years and have bragged to everyone about the service here. Now I'm more than concerned. Please help!!


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Well, I hope you get it soon and don't have the activation headaches I had. Plus you're locked in for 60 days so you can't just port out if things go south. I had 2 reps who after hours of waiting and 2 tries couldn't help me. Wound up going with Mint mobile and it was very quick and painless.

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when you are on chat it is automatic at first to help with issue but at some point you should have the option to speak with a live agent. I think someone mentioned typing speak with a live agent in the chat box works also. The wait time might be over an hour.

Have your husband sign into his account, on the overview page click order history and see if there was an actual order for his phone. If there is a phone order you will need to contact customer service. If chat isn't working for you try Facebook messenger which gave me the best response time, there is also Twitter but I never get a response there. To get to the Visible Facebook page scroll down to the bottom right hand corner and click the box with the f in it under the company column.