Texting issues


So it’s seems every time my bill comes due there is yet another issue with this service. This one is with texting now. I am getting texts from stores with my discounts or new promotions but from my contacts I am not.  It’s telling me they are undeliverable. Even when my contacts are trying to text me. I get this message that says text messaging service has been denied. With my phone number and it has where the number is from and says the Philippines. I’m at a loss now what the heck is going on. Has visible been hacked or something. I can still make and receive calls. Should I also mention back in August or September all of a sudden my data doesn’t work only when I connect to Wi-Fi. It worked last month for about 2 weeks now no data. 


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@Koalabear75chat with the Care Team for a SIM re-provision.

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I’ve been having this exact same issue. So frustrating! Also, the data sucks ever since they “upgraded” their service.

What type of SIM you use?


What Visible plan?

-V. Unlimited plan $40

-V. Plan $30

-Visible+ plan $45?

I have a physical SIM card, and am on the $30 plan.

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I have been getting those “text messaging service has been denied” messages both when someone tries to text me and when I try to text them. Sometimes I get their messages and sometimes I don’t.

Hey @candaceburris15 please chat-in with the Care Team for a SIM re-provision.

I have l, so hopefully it works. Thank you.


I have same "Text messaging service has been denied". On my S 21 ultra esim. I'll cancel service before next bill cycle. No sense paying if it No longer works 

I contacted them, and the issue has been fixed. So you might want to reach out to them 🙂

Chat with the Care Team for a SIM provisioning. This will solve the issues with texting.

I have the same issue. Been waiting an hour to chat with help. Shame they can't call me back when they're ready.


I finally chatted with Visible. Fixed my texting problem in 2 minutes, after a one hour wait while watching the countdown...you are 49 in line .. 48.. having the countdown made the waiting easier