My iPhone 5C is supported, but iOS too old for Visible app. Help


So, the Visible website said that my iPhone 5C is supported. I've got the SIM card in successfully and the phone status is No Service.


Is there a way to get the phone activated without having the Visible app installed? Unfortunately the app doesn't support this old operating system (despite the Visible website telling me that my phone would be supported when I initially went through the sign up process).


I tried to use chat but I stumped it, and it's not offering to escalate to a human. Do Visible support staff monitor this forum? Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.


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Unfortunately, this is a user-to-user help forum and doesn't offer direct Visible support. As users, there's typically nothing we can do to solve activation problems like this.

Using the Chat option can be frustrating to get past the Chat robot, Connai. When given a choice of options always choose the non-specific option (e.g. other, something else, none of these, etc). when asked to supply additional information always type live agent as your response. Eventually you'll be placed in the live agent queue. If you reply with anything specific the robot will insist they can help.

Good luck.

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From my understanding it is not possible to activate the SIM card without the app. You could possibly borrow someone's phone download the app, activate the SIM and move it to your phone but using a 10+ year old phone on Visible you will likely run into issues of it not working. If you activate on another phone you will be charged for the month whether you are able to use it on your phone and Visible will not refund since it is prepaid. You might want to think about upgrading to a newer iPhone such as the SE 2nd gen at least. That is only 4 years old and refurbished ones can be found for less than $150.