Need phone service or unlock my iPhone


Hello there, 

 I purchased an iPhone 13 pro max on July 21 for my daughter, activated on July 29. Ever since then she has had little to no service for the past 3 months, and cannot make phone calls or texts. They can only be delivered with WIFI. We have contacted Visible about this over 15 times, but the issue hasn't been fixed. Each time after we contact Visible, she has service for 1 to 2 days, but loses it afterwards. 

We have been spent hours and hours for chatting with Visible. We tried updated iOS, resetting the device to its factory setting, we even tried order a new SIM card, but the problem still has not be resolved. The phone has now completely lost service and is unable to be updated.

Recently I noticed the iPhone showed SIM-locked. Several customer service agents told me that the phone was unlocked or it will unlock after 60 days of usage. The Visible specialty team sent an email saying that Visible cannot unlock this phone and referred us to Apple. Apple said this is carrier locked – SIM locked, they cannot do anything, only CARRIERS can unlock it. They suggested that we ask a supervisor or who can solve this problem. We paid off this iPhone 13 pro max, even with the lost service issue, and have used and paid the phone service for almost 4 months. Why this phone still locked?

Please check my online chatting history concerning this phone. We spent $1000 on this phone and paid phone service, all to no avail. I have spent several months trying to solve this issue, and we are incredibly frustrated. My daughter is in college; she needs her phone for interviews, to be able to contact us, and answer important phone calls, such as phone calls from the immigrant office.

An agent has opened a supervisor call case for me, but it has been almost 2 weeks, and I haven't received any calls. My request is either to be granted good phone service or to have an unlocked phone so we can try other phone services.

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Hey @Rui , I am sorry to hear about your situation.

Regarding the unlocking matter, was the device purchased on your account and used on your daughter's account?