VISIBLE sent me an opened iphone


I received the iphone I bought online this afternoon.unfortnately it is not new. The iPhone box is opened. (I took pics for it)
(1) I checked the shipping label. It was sent from the return processing center.
(2) The mobile phone chargermissing, fingerprints everywhere on the screen and on the phone.

(3) the gift/speaker not shown in the package.

Anyone met similar situation? any suggestions about that? what is the solution?

waiting for customer services more than 2 hours. It is time to sleep. 

by the way, its webite down again. actually every single day.

Thanks so much.


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I'm sorry it happened to you. 

You should return your device, log into your account and go to Overview; to have the return label emailed to you.  You have 14 days after receiving device to return it. 


If you are on social media, send the images @VisibleCare on Twitter or via Facebook Messenger (@VisibleMobile).

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As for the other part of your question…the gift you’re expecting will not be in the box with your phone.  If you go back to your order, there will be instructions for claiming the gift.

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Hey@Julia, did you find a solution to your issue?