Need to active SIM without the app


I have an older iphone 6 Plus. Before ordering a SIM card I ran through the compatibility check to make sure my phone would work with Visible and the website said it would.


Now that the SIM card has arrived, I'm trying to activate the service but the only way to do that seems to be through the app. Unfortunately, the app can't be installed on an iPhone 6 Plus because iOS is too old and CANT be updated.


Soooo, Visible website said the phone is compatible but I can't install the app to activate. 


Is there a way to activate the SIM through the website or through customer service?


How can I manually activate the SIM and port my number without


Intermediate III

Activation from my understanding can only be done with the app. Your phone may say compatible but since it is that old it may not even work with the Visible network. An option you have is if you can borrow someone's phone so you can activate the SIM and get your number ported then move the SIM card to your phone and see if the phone will even work. The other option is buy a newer phone, look into eBay for an SE 2020 or 2022 or an iPhone 12 or similar that is unlocked. I have saw reference to Swappa as another place to buy reasonably priced phones.