How to keep old phone number?


Potential new subscriber here who would like to change over to Visible but keep my old phone number (Mint Mobile).  Is this possible?  Do I have to get a physical SIM card instead of an eSIM to do so? 


Also why is there no telephone number for customer service?  This already puts doubts into the quality of Visible as a new phone plan.  Discussion boards are slow and not always reliable...



Just port your number to Visible, it is an option when you sign up. You will need you current account number and a port out pin from the old carrier. Do not cancel your old account, that will happen automatically with the port out. You can do it with esim or psim.


Np telephone contact is a economic decision.

Novice III

For eSIM the process was slightly different for me. You get an initial new phone number activated when you sign up, but you can port your existing number over after initial sign up from the app.