New SIM card


I have my new SIM card, be want to make sure that I will NOT loss my contacts & photos, etc. 

Do anybody know if they will be lost or not? I have a Motorola phone & not sure if my info can be stored in a cloud or not?


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Everything is stored on your phone. Nothing is stored on Visible servers or on the SIM.


On my Motorola phone I just checked and you can back up your phone to Google 1, my documents and ringtones are back up to Google Drive. It wouldn't hurt to check to make sure your backups are on. I back up photos to my micro SD card. About a month ago I had to do a factory reset to my phone and I didn't lose contacts or apps since they were backed up but the one thing I didn't do was back up my texts so I lost all my texts from family members, all I had was what was on my old phone up until late last year. I now use an app called SMS backup and restore and have it scheduled for backup once a week now.