Very low volume on cell calls


I switched to the new plan and new sim card. Ever since, incoming cell calls I can hardly hear them speak. Except for 1 person. Landline calls are fine. I got another sim but problem persists. Tech has no idea. My phone worked fine b4 the switch last week.



Do you have another phone to try the SIM in, preferably a phone that isn't too old, to see if it is your phone.

I have another phon (same make/model) I put the sim card (2nd one) and nothing. That phone would't even let me make any calls. I guess I have no choice but to buy a new phone. May also consider changing to another carrier. I am fed up with chatting to get the issue resolved. Over a week and well over 9 hours online.....๐Ÿ˜ 

I'm not fond of using chat at all. I have been using Facebook messenger if I have questions or issues. I have been fortunate that I have had but one or two minor issues in the last year and a half.


Send them a message on FB messenger(icon bottom righthand corner of this page) and have them do a re-provision of the SIM and see if they helps. Include your full name and email address that is linked to your account. 


You're having the same problem I am. I use a ZTE Blade 10 Prime. It seems the only calls I'm having trouble with are coming from Verizon subscribers. I was thinking about another sim, but you say that didn't solve your issue. What phone are you using? Just curious.

I'm having the same problem.  When I use bluetooth earbuds the volume is just fine, only through the phone speaker from other Visible subscribers after they upgrade.