New Visible Phone Not Receiving Texts


Hi all,


I purchased a new phone from visible.

Day 1: Got it, activated, ported it over my old number from Total Wireless.  Was able to make calls and send texts.

Day 2: Discovered my Voicemail didn't work. Contacted support, they tried some things, eventually had to get a new esim twice. They escalated it. Then I noticed I couldn't receive texts. I had to reactivate iMessage, but texts I can send but I do not receive any.

Day 3: Contacted support, they were able to reset esim and reset VM to work. Still cannot receive texts though. Contacted support and got escalated but  said they need specific examples of texts not being received. *sigh*  So now I get to contact support to do some tests.


Anyone have ideas on SMS not being recieved? I've tried restarting, enabling airplane for a minute, resetting networks, resetting ESIM (used both IMEI and another time IMEI 2).


I can't even validate myself via Visible SMS sent to me and have to do email every time.



Same issue here, just on my Galaxy S22...


any success?  having the same issues with my new iphone


Were you able to get it working.  having this issue now with a new phone.  can send and receive calls and even send text but not getting anything back.