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I'm new to visible. My wife and I live in Colorado and we each got new phones, and now we have our party plan going.  I talked my sister who lives in South Dakota to also join visible.  She went online and purchased a cell phone with her debit card and she gave a wrong email address, so she isn't being verified by visible.  Her debit card shows that the purchase went through already.  She tried to get on a chat with someone but she can't get connected for a chat and since there is absolutely no phone number that she can call to get her account fixed, she just wants to quit already.  She is so frustrated already, and I don't know what to do either because its hard to communicate with anyone at visible.  That's why I joined this community page to see if anyone has a solution to this situation.  So, can she get someone at visible to help her and upgrade her account with her correct email address?


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Only methods I know of is chat on their site and use social media messenger


Does she know what her wrong email address is that she entered? If so, maybe she can just goto the main Visible web site and click Help/Help Center, then click on the chat bubble in the lower right corner. There she would enter her first name / Last name / and the wrong email address she signed up with.  Hopefully that would get her connected to a rep who could sort out her issue.


Thank you for the information you sent, much appreciated.  I tried all you recommended and to no avail.  It was impossible to connect with Visible chat and once I did after about 2 hours, the chat person said I had to go into the email account to change the information.  I kept saying to them that it is a wrong email and then they said they can't change till the account is changed. So then, I went into the Visible web site and made an entire new account for my sister and everything was going great till I submitted my credit card then their website crashed.  Now I had to get onto a chat again, 1 hour this time) and the person I chatted with said he/she had to send up to a higher agent to fix in 4 hours.  Now it was 11:00pm, Colorado time, and to chat with that higher agent person I would have to stay up till 3:00am.  I told them I would try the next day. Well long story short, my sister got very unsatisfied with visible and decided not to get new phone or have them as her service provider.  But to make matters worse, when my sister gave the wrong email address, she paid for the phone she wanted on a debit card, and she couldn't verify her email, (because it was a wrong email) and she can't get her $138.00 back. Totally disappointed and being a newbie, I'm glad I don't have a 2 year contract.

Oh, and by the way, why does Visible not have a phone number??????For Christ sake, their a phone company!!...In this case with my sister, this company should be called Invisible!

Regards, Nedster

Request a call back from a super visor.