No Network Service on 6/20/21

Novice III

I had no service on Father’s Day June 20th 2021. This is happened to me a couple of times where I don’t get any service and my calls go straight to voicemail. 
Any solutions? I contacted visible, and they told me to install the most recent updates, and to follow a step by step reboot of the phone: (1) turn phone to airplane mode 30 seconds, take out SIM card. (2) power off device 30 secs, then re install SIM card. Turn on the phone. (3) reset network settings. 

has anyone had any similar difficulties and did that step by step guide help? Hope all is well. 


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Hey there!

Some of our members were impacted by a service outage that we experienced on Sunday, but the issue has been resolved. If you're still experiencing any residual effects, we do recommend turning airplane mode on and back off. Otherwise feel free to reach back out to the visible Care Team by chatting on our site, tweeting @visiblecare or sending a DM to @Visible on Facebook.

Novice III


Was there any carrier updates?