No calling or data after "frozen SIM reprovision"


I contacted chat support because my data speed has been very slow the past few days (under 500kbps average) and after going through several steps the technician tried a reprovision but said it froze and never completed. I've contacted like 6 other reps today and none of them were able to redo the reprovision and instead escalated my case because the "reprovision button is greyed out." This is a very bad time because I need to use my paypal to pay my water bill in the next 3 days but I can't because I have 2fa enabled and no access to it. But after waiting 4 hours for the reply, the email said it'll take 24 to 48 hours until they can fix it. I'd really appreciate some help asap


Novice III

If you have your old service sim card insert that wait til you see network bars reinsert Visible sim has worked for me