No help anywhere- can’t login


I received two emails October 12 and 13th saying my email had been changed and my billing address had been changed. And if it wasn’t me to contact them immediately. I have been trying since that day via chat to contact anyone. I have been on hold three different times for over four hours and then the chat hangs up. I cannot login because my email was changed without my authority and the reset password email cannot reach me. I have had to complain to the BBB today. I have tried text I have tried messenger and chat to no avail. I can’t even cancel the account because I can’t login. Someone help me please



I would reach to them via social media DM (Twitter or Facebook). Chat sometimes takes FOREVER. Good luck.

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Thank you so much. After hours and I mean 4+ hours on hold with the chat,  three different times, I DM them on Twitter. But I’m not holding my breath.