No internet connection


I have an iPhone 12 running iOS 16.0.2. I have been a T-Mobile customer but wanted to give Visible a try. I signed up for the trial program and had the Visible account placed on an eSIM on my phone along with my physical T-Mobile SIM. Everything seemed to be OK. I could make calls, send text and browse the internet. To be sure that the Visible account was working properly I turned off Wifi and selected Visible as my primary data source and turned off Data Switching (which allows the iPhone to pick whichever SIM or eSIM provides the best connection.


After doing all of that I verified that I had internet access and put the phone down for an hour or so. I then picked it back up and was told I had no internet connection, and nothing I could do reestablished my internet access until I rebooted the phone.


This has now happened multiple times. If I set the iPhone to use Visible as its data source and let it sit for 30 or 45 minutes I find I have no internet access. This has never happened before with either my T-Mobile SIM or with a pre-paid Verizon 5G eSIM, but happens all the time with the Verizon eSIM.


My iOS is up to date, the phone has plenty of power and I am in an area with good service. Visible tells the phone that it has 4 bars of 5G service, but I can not reach the internet. Is this some known Visible issue? Does it also happen with Visible+. This really is a deal breaker if I can not find out what is happening and how to fix it, and I am particularly puzzled as to why it is happening with Visible but not with Verizon. It can not be the network as they should be the same. Is there some special setting I need with Visible? Does Visible go to sleep if not used for some period of time?


Thanks for any help.






I am having the same problem.