OnePlus 9 android 12 v.44 NO network

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I have tried a hard reset (fastboot wipe data) didn't help I upgraded to .44 and after reboot network came right up but crashed 20 minutes later to no network and I had to swap sim to get it back up. The difference I see is the APN's load and IMS APN changes to VZWINTERNET. I did notice the old APN I inserted from .40 were still there so I deleted did a wipe reboot and network comes up but crashes anywhere from a few seconds to 20 minutes and need to sim swap. Support says its fixed and shouldn't be a problem, they did the usual reprovision reboot reset so on to no avail and said we will contact u by email. I believe its the Sim needs programing and not android updates because if i pop in an old Verizon SIM network comes up immediately and asked me to sign in to network even after the swap Visible sim take 30 to 40 seconds to bring up network



Oh, I replied to your older post and just saw this one. Instead of deleting the old APN just keep both. It seems to overwrite the "first" one, and leave the one I added alone. At least it has so far across reboots and for like an hour of use.

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Ill give that a shot Oneplus contacted me and asked that supply logs of issue using *#800# to record

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Moto G Power, 2021. Compatible in April when I came from ATT. All is good when I am in my home calling area. Whenever I travel to area which show to be covered with 4g or better, I lose my calling signal, data, everything except emergency calling. My APN does not match criteria listed anywhere. There are places on my settings to see the APN but very few options are editable. May someone please tell me how to add  new APN settings? Again, I do not see that option. My daughter bought a Blade when we came over, she never has problems though we are sitting side by side int he same area where I can not use my phone for anything except telling time. Any suggestions would be gladly accepted.