SMS Text Messages fail to send with Wi-Fi calling enabled on Galaxy S24 purchased from Visible



I am a new customer and I purchased a Galaxy S24 Ultra from Visible with Visible+ service.

It appears text messages will fail to send when Wi-Fi calling is enabled with this phone. It takes 15+ seconds to acknowledge the failure, but they eventually (appear to) time out and fail. If I disable Wi-Fi calling, texting will start to work again (after a few initial failures). This happens with both Samsung Messages AND the Google Messages App.  I also have GPS location enabled, all my apps are updated and all Android (system) updates are current as of this post. Unfortunately my home does not have great cell reception since it's in a geographic "dip" so I really need to have Wi-Fi calling.

After googling the problem and searching many forums, it does seem that if Wi-Fi calling works (and it does for me), then SMS/text messages should work too. But all I have to do to reproduce this failure is enable Wi-Fi calling.

Which leads me to ask, do I need to explicitly open firewall ports on my home network for SMS/text messages even though Wi-Fi calls appear to work?



Only suggestion I have would be to try Verizon messages to see if that works. Might not but worth a shot.


I don't have an answer about the firewall port, that tech is over my head, sorry.


Edit: Do you have RCS chats turned on? And possibly "Automatically resend as text" turned on? These two are on Google messages app and think it is on Verizon app also when I used that but can't remember.