Oneplus 12


Does anyone have any information on if the Oneplus 12 will be compatible with Visible?  I know Oneplus 12 works on the Verizon network, but not sure about the esim.  Any help is much appreciated. 


Intermediate III

Without having the phone in your hand it would be hard to say if it would be or show compatible with Visible. Phones may show compatible on Verizon but can still show not compatible on Visible because they don't share the IMEI number database. In order to know if it will be compatible you would need to know the IMEI number of the phone and check with Visible's compatibility checker.


Once thing to mention is Visible doesn't play nice with Android phones and the a OnePlus phone passing the compatibility checker is slim. As far as android phones a newer unlocked Pixel phone would be your best bet to pass. Samsung for the most part will pass. Motorola slim to no chance since Motorola makes phones for Visible to sell with model numbers unique to Visible and only those sold by them seems to be in the database. Other android phones such as OnePlus is highly doubtful it will show compatible unless it was sold by Visible.