Party pay invites until 10/18/22?


I am currently on a party plan, I would like to add one more user to bring my bill down to $25. Per person.
The website says you can change parties and invite more to your party pay until 10/18/2022.
However, Under the party pay tab, there are no options to do this.
So.. how do I do this?


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You have to leave your existing party and then you are given the option to join another. Most have simply joined another very large party and are unlikely to join a small party at this time - the one I have is over 10K members.

Alternately you can invite others to join your party at:

But like I said...

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It is important that you have left your old party and signed up with your new party well before your next payment date.

Visible Party Pay terms & conditions here:  Supplemental Terms | Visible

In the terms & conditions is this:

"5. If a member joins a party or switches from one existing party to another party, that member will immediately begin enjoying the new party’s rate at their next payment date. The only exception is for an member using autopay who is trying to join a new party within 36 hours prior to their payment due date. In this scenario, the member will enjoy the new party’s rate the month following their next payment."