Invite to join or how do I find party to join?


New here and still waiting for my port set up. How do I get invited to a party?



Hi there. I was reviewing cell plans and an article on Visible was presented on a website about saving money, called (no - it's not a religious site!).  If you find the link in the middle of his review of Visible, you can get the Party Pay . I did, and there's about 1200 people in the "party". 



Or simply here, sign up with 'MichaelSaves' in the party search.


Looking for a Visibility party?

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You are hereby invited to join the one and only Party Pay party! Any party totaling 4 or more members will get you the $25 monthly rate. We currently have 20 members and are growing in number.  You can use the Savings Spot forum to find my posting with Party Pay link along with many others.

Would like to join please! 

Intermediate III

Head on over to the Savings Spot forum and you will find my posting with Party Pay link along with many others. The Party Pay party is currently 22 members strong and growing!

I would join and I want to bring my daughter over to Visible and would join her also

I would like to join.

Hi! You can find my post with party pay link (along with many others) by leaving this Let's Chat forum and going to the Savings Spot forum. Here's a link to get you there:  Visible | Savings Spot

I just sent you a direct message. Welcome to Party Pay