Phone Compatiblility


The site shows my Moto G Power is compatible but upon entering my IMEI # it shows my phone is not compatible, what gives?


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If it wasn't bought from Visible a good chance it is not compatible. I bought a G Power 2021 model in July of 2021 when I joined Visible with a new number and of course that is not compatible with the new plans. I contacted customer service about this and their response was my phone doesn't have the right technology whatever that means. I was also told they are working as hard as possible to add as many phones from the old list as possible to the new list. 


It comes down to Visible wants to sell you a phone, it is one way for them to make a profit. Your phone is on the blacklist and will never become compatible. I can take my Moto G Power 2021 to Verizon and it shows compatible. Verizon owns Visible so not sure why it is so hard to make more phones compatible other than making a profit selling new. If it were an iPhone it is more likely it would be compatible versus an android phone.


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Try this put you IMEI in the chat and the robot will most likely tell you it is compatible.  That is what it did for my new moto g Stylus 5G.  Do not get to excited they then asked do you want to order a SIM and guess what they take you back to the web site and boom Not compatible.  I think the robot is Verizon and if we could somehow get a SIM all would be good but they have not updated the web site.   BY the way my wife's older moto ACE transitioned from Verizon with no problems.  Seems older is better for visible