Phone says not registered on a network

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I've had Visible since March of 2019. Considering the price ($25/mo with Party Pay!), I've been pretty happy with it. Lately, however my Galaxy S9 would often drop calls, so I thought maybe I needed a newer phone. Got a Galaxy S215G, unlocked. I tried to switch over, but NOTHING has worked. When trying to make calls, I get the "your phone is not registered on a network" message. Incoming calls go straight to VM. SMS messages: "Unable to send", etc.


I've tried nearly everything (not necessarily in this order):
- I've downloaded/activated an eSIM four different times.
- Factory reset the phone
- Inserted the physical Visible SIM card from my old phone
- Removed the physical Visible SIM card from the new phone
- Restarted the phone what seems like a thousand times
- Toggled Airplane mode
- Turned off roaming
- Deleted and reinstalled the Visible app (three or four times)


On one of the attempted eSIM activations, the phone's SIM card manager showed that I had a valid eSIM, and the phone showed Verizon as my carrier. Yes, I got the "Boom! Your phone is compatable" message. Yes, it's unlocked. No, it's not stolen or reported lost. Yes, I have excellent Verizon coverage in my major metropolitan west-coast City by the Bay.


After three days of frustration and no resolution form tech support chat, I guess I'll have to switch to another carrier. And I will have to take back everything I've told my friends and family about this great, cheap service. I just doesn't work.


And now as I'm trying to post this, I get the hilarious message: "You used a bad word, (twenty one five), in the body of your post. Please clean up the body before posting." I had written the name of my new phone, with numbers, not the words.


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Just ended yet another chat with a "specialist", who said my new phone is not compatable with Visible. Their website says it is. The app says it is. The other agents I chatted with said it is. Yikes. Just bad.

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If you are trying to use eSIM I have read on here that Visible has not fixed the bugs with that OS system. I have read issues with iPhones eSIM but for the most part they can get those working.


My Motorola phone I bought from Visible last year when I joined is now showing not compatible with the new plans. I bought the same model a year newer off of eBay from a seller that bought it here. I am still on the old plan and waiting as long as I can before switching to save some money. When I moved my pSIM to the newer phone it showed SIM card not recognized but it connected to the network and not sure what I did if anything to get it working. If you moved your pSIM from your old phone did you make sure the eSIM was deleted? I don't know much about eSIM other than what I have read here. If you have requested an eSIM for the new phone for one of the new plans it is possible they have deleted the old SIM card so it can't be used which is why it likely isn't working. It would be my suggestion you get a card instead of the eSIM, it might solve your problems if your IMEI number checks out as compatible.


I have gotten that message about my replies. It seems to happen when I use a - between numbers, it flags it for some reason. Go figure.


I have been here since mid last year and it is my first cell phone. I am willing to put up with the awful customer service because I don't have much for options in my area and not paying $100 a month for a Verizon(I know they own Visible).

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i went with the esim when upgrading to a unlocked samsung, and I got the same occasional drop call and "phone not registered", so i guess the issue could be the esim, I recently changed plans and seeing other posts reporting issues with the new plan sims that are going out I am not sure what I want to do.