Porting a number to Visible


I have been trying to port a number to Visible from Mint. I ordered the SIM and installed on 11/28/2023  in my iphone 12. I installed the Visible app and started the activation process and it has been stalled at the porting step for 10 days. I have been assured the service would be active 1n 24 hours for the last 3 days. Still no service and my number is still active with my old service provider. The agents have assured me several times I would be contacted by email within 2 hours. That never happened either time. I was told today 12/07/2023 the port in was successful and I would have service in a few hours. Six hours later my number still has error code 803 when I try calling. I checked my old service provider and the number is still active and working. VISIBLE AGENTS HAVE LIED TO ME OVER AND OVER.