Porting from Mint... What a mess!


I have been trying get my phone number ported from Mint Mobile to Visible for days. I recently purchased a new phone through visible (iphone 14 pro max) and wanted to get my number on my old iphone transferred to my new phone. I Got the account number and pin from Mint and gave it to the Visible agent. I went back and forth between agents at visible and mint for the past few days trying to figure out why it hasn't been transferred. It is upsetting becasue I am paying for service with visible and can't use the phone yet because it has a different number.


An agent yesterday said they would need to escelate the case and I would receive a response via email in 24 hours. I never received a response. I contacted again, they just said my issue was of high priority and they would contact me soon.


Have you been in a similar situation? Is there something I am missing or am doing wrong? Per the promo ($200 back and free airpods) I need to transfer my number within 30 days. I feel like this process is overly difficult for me.