Porting my number

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When creating a new account to port my existing number I dont see 'keep my number' option


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I am having the same issue.  The checkout process goes straight to "Let's get your new number" without asking if you would like to keep your existing number.  I see the same issue on both the website and in the app.

Exactly...same issue with App and website


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You'll both need to go through Chat on the app or web - only Visible can handle that. Welcome to the pain that is Visible - I can't activate my SIM going on 8 days now.

Waiting in chat queue for more than an hour....no luck yet

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That should tell you something, I think. You could always try a direct message to @visiblecare on Twitter

You can port in your number with help from the chat but just chatting with them is a pain 


The process for me went as follows for an iphone 14 pro unlocked that uses an eSIM.


Once I was able to successfully sign up using the Visible App, I was assigned a new number automatically by Visible.


I then had to contact my prior carrier to request releasing my current number for porting over to the new carrier.  After confirming credentials, they provide you with your account # and a PIN code that is needed for the port over process.

In the Visible app, I entered the port over information and was sent an email (after a short period - 10 to 15 minutes or so), saying that the port over was completed successfully.

Once that was complete, my new iphone appeared to have little to no coverage [showed SOS (as in emergency calls only)] and my old phone (with my number) would not work either.  This got me stressed a bit.

At this point, I contacted customer care.  They had me delete the current eSIM installed on my phone (since it was associated with the original # that Visible had auto-generated).  Next, they sent a QR code via email that I was able to scan (from my computer screen) in order to install the new eSIM with my ported in number.  My downtime without access to my original number was about 20 to 30 minutes.

Visible would benefit by providing a better explanation of the process as to what to expect and what you will need to get from the prior carrier.

I agree. The directions for porting include:

Your old carrier account number

Service Zip Code  (what does that mean?) Billing zip code does not work. C Spire's home office zip code does not work. You only get 5 tries then lock out. 



Same story here until the part when I contacted customer care which has turned into multiple times. I was always encouraged that they were there to fix the problem. Except they haven't. It's been going on 48 hours since I started getting the Visible name showing with little to no bars...and little to no help in solving it either.  I chose Visible since I have been a Verizon customer for close to 20 years. Last rep said I should have service maybe by Saturday or Sunday or Monday.